Five tips to help companies elevate the success levels of their cloud transformations

by Luc Van Haver

In its recent cloud survey report, “Elevating Business in the Cloud”, KPMG concludes that cloud is no longer a technology focus of an IT department. It has become a top-level discussion that involves the entire management team and the board in order to make strategic decisions that drive transformation and enable innovation. It’s clear that organizations that embrace cloud as a management topic – beyond IT – will seize much greater potential from all that cloud has to offer.

KPMG suggests five tips to help companies elevate the success levels of their cloud transformations – and elevate above the competition.

1. Make cloud transformation a continuous process.

To realize true long-term business benefits from cloud, cloud adoption should not be viewed as another technology implementation project, but rather a transformative journey spanning from strategy through execution.

2. Drive cloud transformation from the top.

Decentralized organizations which lack a clear decision-making hierarchy may struggle with the changes triggered by cloud adoption, impeding the transformation. Rather, organizations should seek to manage cloud transformation projects centrally, with a senior-level team that oversees the transformation process and guides strategic decisions.

3. Focus on strong leadership and engagement.

Cultural alignment through all levels of the organization is essential to managing the change associated with cloud transformation. Executive management should work to establish an aligned corporate culture at the outset, focusing first on getting the buy-in and support of cross-functional business leaders.

4. Avoid silos.

Cloud transformations succeed when organizations are able to embed change into every aspect of the business. As such, silos hamper transformation. In contrast, collaboration powers it. For example, business and IT professionals should work side by side as cloud is adopted into the enterprise.

5. Measure success.

Organizations should develop realistic and measurable outcomes for their cloud transformation projects that tie back to key business objectives. A value- and metrics-driven approach to cloud transformation enables the organization to know when milestones are reached and stay focused on achieving strategic goals.

source: KPMG 2014 Cloud Survey Report: “Elevating Business in the Cloud”