It is the mission of Lighthouse to inform you on the latest cloud opportunities and challenges in a rapidly evolving and changing cloud landscape.

Lighthouse will support you in making the right decisions for your business and defining the cloud readiness of your company. We will assist you in determining the right cloud vendor with the best service delivery. Once you made the decision, we will help you to set up a transition plan so the business needn’t suffer at all.

Furthermore, Lighthouse has within the Cronos Group the capability to execute independently, without being tied to one single cloud provider. Our consultancy is neutral and custom made for your business case.

Whether you think cloud is the future or just a buzzword and a massive hype, chances are fair you will be drafting or implementing at least some form of cloud in the near future. A good starting point would be to reflect on how to manage non-core IT related activities more efficiently in the cloud.

Most CxO’s are following the cloud evolutions through events, meetings, briefings etc. Unfortunately a great deal of the information will be colored by the presenter or the company he or she is representing. The term “Cloud” has been mis- and over used by a lot of IT companies trying to sell their branded solutions.
Anyway, to develop an effective cloud strategy you need to look beyond the hype and also take a realistic and pragmatic view on the opportunities and shortcomings.
Lighthouse can assist you by doing so in an objective way.