Despite the growing attention given to cloud computing by researchers and practitioners, the deployment of cloud computing is still in its infancy. For this to change, companies need to know which of their IT services are appropriate for cloud computing. It is not easy to determine the cloud readiness of these services.

Therefore Lighthouse created an in depth assessment to identify the cloud maturity of the IT services. This will cover all necessary aspects:

  • Is your organization ready to change?
  • What are the difficulties with your current IT services?
  • What are your cloud drivers?
  • What do you want to gain with the change?
  • Do you have any legal constraints to go to the cloud?
  • What aspects of your company do you need to transform?
  • Is your current IT infrastructure ready to move to the cloud?

The deliverable is a cloud maturity ranking and a fit/gap analysis.
With this, we can create a transition plan to meet up with the cloud strategy you envisioned.