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How will the IT organization change because of cloud innovation?

Cloud computing is a trending topic, and although it is much debated, few speak about how it will affect information technology (IT) organizations. Years ago I drew a diagram of a generic IT organization’s structure, but upon revisiting it today I realized how many changes in IT departments I had left out. This led me to speculate about what changes cloud will cause to happen in the near future.

an article by Vittorio Della Rossa. Read more…

The Dawn Of Cloud 2.0

Google recently announced up to 85 percent reduction in pricing for its PaaS and BigQuery services. Soon after, AWS and Microsoft followed suit. Welcome to Cloud 2.0. Read More

Risks of Cloud Computing explained

Cloud computing continues to transform the way organization are doing business, proving to be a transformative innovation for many enterprises. It allows employees to work virtually so they can access company files from anywhere they can acquire an Internet connection; it allows businesses to streamline their operations and develop more eco-friendly strategies, and, cloud-based systems have consistently proven to be more reliable and cost-efficient than in-house infrastructures. Read more…

Four in five SMEs “fully adapted” to the cloud by 2020

Four in five small businesses will be “fully adapted” to the cloud by 2020, according to a new forecast from software firm Intuit.The figures, posted in a deck entitled ‘Small Business Success in the Cloud’,
prognosticated that 78% of US SMEs would be au fait in six years, as opposed to the current adoption rate of 37%.
According to a newly released survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, enterprises moving most aggressively to adopt cloud computing are being rewarded with competitive advantages via increased business agility.

You can find out more about the Intuit analysis here.

Downlowad here free reeport from Verizon website.

Watch “Cloud moves beyond the hype: How cloud can give your company the business agility you need”



Cloud Scout is a simple tool to give small businesses the information to decide on how to use the cloud: taking account of their legal, organisational and technical needs.”

Neelie Kroes,  Vice President, European Commission

VMware plays nice with OpenStack

VMware plays nice with OpenStack, unveils a VMware-powered data-center-in-a-box:

At VMworld, the virtualization giant will unveil new service that makes OpenStack more compatible with VMware tools and VMware-loaded data centers as well as a new appliance that will come stocked with (what else?) VMware software.

20 Cloud Computing Indicators for CIOs

Discover 20 interesting Cloud computing indicators CIO’s should be aware of visualized in a simple infographic.

IBM Acquires Cloud Security Services Provider Lighthouse Security Group

Read about this latest acquisition of IBM

IBM SoftLayer opens new datacenter in Toronto

IBM SoftLayer heads north with first data center in Canada.

Code Spaces: A Lesson In Cloud Backup

Recently, SAAS provider Code Spaces learnt about Cloud Security and Cloud Back up the hard way. Read the whole story here.