August 2014

IBM Introducing Hourly Bare Metal Servers

IBM announces Bare Metal Servers by the hour:

Big performance. Small commitment.

We’re pleased to introduce a selection of bare metal servers that are ready when you need them, for as long as you need them.

Each hourly bare metal server features pre-configured hardware and software and can be further customized to suit specific needs after delivery.

Spin ‘em up, then spin ‘em down, and only pay for what you need as often as your workloads demand.

SoftLayer’s hourly bare metal servers are immediately available.

For pricing, how to order, available configurations, and other details, please visit


VMware plays nice with OpenStack

VMware plays nice with OpenStack, unveils a VMware-powered data-center-in-a-box:

At VMworld, the virtualization giant will unveil new service that makes OpenStack more compatible with VMware tools and VMware-loaded data centers as well as a new appliance that will come stocked with (what else?) VMware software.

Microsoft Azure Expands Its NoSQL Offering With Launch of Azure DocumentDB

Microsoft has just announced the launch of a new Azure service – the Azure DocumentDB.  DocumentDB is a type of NoSQL database called a Document Database focused on storing data structures as self-describing tree structures instead of as traditional relational databases with tables, rows and columns.  DocumentDB uses JSON as its core format for storing data structures, support massive storage requirements (Microsoft is claiming testing on hundreds of terrabytes with millions of queries per day) with REST APIs for querying.  Microsoft has also provided .NET, Node.js, Python and Javascript client SDKs.

20 Cloud Computing Indicators for CIOs

Discover 20 interesting Cloud computing indicators CIO’s should be aware of visualized in a simple infographic.

IBM Acquires Cloud Security Services Provider Lighthouse Security Group

Read about this latest acquisition of IBM

IBM SoftLayer opens new datacenter in Toronto

IBM SoftLayer heads north with first data center in Canada.

Code Spaces: A Lesson In Cloud Backup

Recently, SAAS provider Code Spaces learnt about Cloud Security and Cloud Back up the hard way. Read the whole story here.

Multicast on AWS

On July 18th, Senne Vaeyens posted a very useful technical post on the subject of multicast traffic between two EC2 instances.

The Security of Internet of Things

De beveiliging van Internet of Things rammelt langs alle kanten